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About us

     The Moscow President Club (MPC) is a public organisation of participants of the Presidential Programme on Training Managers and Executives. Mainly they are middle and senior managers who work for Russian and foreign companies and entrepreneurs working in different sectors of the economy and having more than 10 years of experience in business management. A distinctive feature of the Club is its interregional principle of education.

The activities of the Moscow President Club are aimed at achieving the following objectives:



1. Managerial training of managers and entrepreneurs



2. Assisting in the development of entrepreneurship



3. Expanding interregional and international relations




MPC holds monthly meetings. In 2005-2012 they were held on the site of the Central House of Entrepreneurs in Moscow. The Club holds regular meetings with experts from the world of business, government, education, politics, culture and sports.



Special attention is given to projects in the fields of environment, education and consulting.



By now, the Moscow President Club has developed links with a range of partners at the local, federal and international levels. 





Shakhbulat Giravov, Director of NPP MPC 
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tel:      +7 (985) 784-02-30 
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